Chiropractor Treatment for Back Pain/PIVD/Neck/Subluxation Pain in Ghaziabad.

The 4 Stages of Subluxation Degeneration

The 4 Stages of Subluxation Degeneration

Normally in Spine Clinic or Chiropractic Treatment or chiropractors all do one thing well or they are expert in  treating the subluxations. “Our Chiropractic & Pain Management Clinic is having best Chiropractor Treatment in Ghaziabad, India” Under the observation of Dr Ravinder Kumar not only focus to remove pain but We also work on root cause & Modified Chiropractic Treatment of subluxations is important because if subluxations are not treated this can lead to painful spinal conditions, and that’s something everyone wants to avoid.

 Know about the 4 phases of Subluxation Degeneration!!

What about Subluxation?

Chiropractors define subluxations as a functional, structural and pathological changes that will compromise integrative of the spine which can then lead to problems with the way organ systems function and overall health.

So, you can see why subluxations are so important to identify and its treatment Subluxations cause nerve interference and when his happens the changes that take place are referred to as “subluxation degeneration”.

Normal Spines

Normal spines have a natural curvature to them that helps to act as a shock absorber. When you have a normal spine there are no subluxations and everything is functioning as it should.

Phase 1 of Degeneration

The first phase means that your spine has lost its normal balance. This could mean that the normal curves in your spine have been lost, and this can impact the nerves. Also, your joints, discs, nerves and posture may be stressed as a result of this in conjunction with your age. You may experience only slight discomfort in this stage, but you may also notice a decrease in your energy and even loss in height! The best treatment for this phase is a spinal adjustment!

Phase 2 of Degeneration

This stage is marked by disc narrowing and bone spurs, and your postural changes might be a lot worse. This is a fairly common condition by age 40. This is also the stage where spinal canal narrowing, also called stenosis may start to occur. You will have aches and pains in this phase, fatigue and a decreased ability to deal with stress. If you’re in this phase it is possible for chiropractic care to make a significant improvement.

Phase 3 of Degeneration

There are a lot more postural imbalances in this phase, as well as increased nerve damage and even permanent scar tissue and advance bone deformation. You will notice a loss of energy in this phase as well as possible physical weakness. Though chiropractic care may be able to reverse some of the damage being done in this phase, so if you have any problem related to that call us for your chiropractor treatment.

Phase 4 of Degeneration

This is the most advance stage. You will notice limited range of motion here as well as postural imbalances. The nerve damage can be quite severe and the scar tissue is formed while the bones may begin to fuse together. There is a lot of pain in this stage and a continued loss of energy. The conditions associated with this phase are considered to be irreversible, but chiropractic care can help to give some relief of symptom

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