“We are India’s One of the best Spine Rehabilitation Clinic dedicated to non surgical treatment of back and neck pain”

What is chiropractor? SPINE-ADJUSTMENT

Chiropractor or chiropractic adjustment is a profession in which We focused on the diagnosis & treatment of the patients related to neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment & manipulation of the spine & Joints.

Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Chiropractic & Pain Management Clinic, Ghaziabad. Our spine Chiropractic Clinic dedicated to back Pain, neck pain, Disc slip, PIVD, Sciatica treatment, without Medicine & spine surgery find us as best spine doctor for conservative Treatment. Patients can approach just to avoid surgery & can take Chiropractor Spine Adjustment Treatment. Our approach is not limited, but We are using others techniques also like: Chiropractor/ Chiropractic Adjustment, Osteopathy, Spine Treatment, Spine Manual Therapy, Spinal Manipulation, Spine & Joints Mobilization, Spine realignment, Dry Needling, K taping & Physiotherapy etc. which makes us best.

ABOUT chiropractor clinic in ghaziabad.

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Dr. Ravinder Kumar passion and vision lead to thousands of successful spine treatments & the formation of “Chiropractic/Chiropractor Clinic in Ghaziabad, Search by Chiropractor near me in Ghaziabad, for Neck Pain, Spine Injury Centre, Spinal care, Orthopedic Spinal Adjustment, Spine Treatment, Spinal Rehabilitation, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Adjustment treatment in Indirapuram & Vasundhara, Vaishali, Raj Nagar Extension, Kaushambi, Sahibabad, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad,” We are one of the best Chiropractic & Pain Management Clinic in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

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Chiropractic / Chiropractor Adjustment or Treatment in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

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Before two year ago was suffering from a problem of sciatica problem I start roaming one hospital to another. even I took treatment from ganga ram hospital delhi but my problem was remain same after expenditure of 200000 then my friend suggest me to Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Chiropractor Clinic, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

When I reach the clinic doctor directly say to me that you not need any operation. I was little scared but doctor done all the treatment well. Now I am fit I can even attend gym every day. Now I have no pain in my leg and also not in back and it was with minimum cost. Thank you very much doctor to you & your team.

Mrs. Neha Sharma

Best Chiropractor Clinic in Ghaziabad. My Mother was suffering from severe back & ankle pain from last few weeks. Someone recommended me about this clinic, by taking this treatment my mother got relief within 2 days. Dr Ravinder Kumar chiropractor treatment is very effective. He is one of the best chiropractor doctors around Ghaziabad, supportive staff and would like to recommend everyone.

Mr. Ajay Singh

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Myth 1: – Chiropractor Treatment just about Crack of back / spine

Myth 2: – Chiropractor Adjustment are only useful for back pain.

Myth 3: – Chiropractor Profession is not regulated.

Myth 4: – There are not proof that chiropractor treatment is therapeutically useful.

Myth 5: – Chiropractor education do not undergo proper, certified training.

Chiropractor Benefits is for short-term?

Poor posture from sitting for prolonged periods during work or downtime can lead to a condition known as postural syndrome. This common condition is happens when your shoulders roll forward and down, toward your chest, while your upper back slouches. Meanwhile, your head juts forward, toward over your chest. Chiropractic care can help improve the … Continue reading Chiropractor Benefits is for short-term?

Conservative Treatment for Slip Disc

Most people with a slipped disc in the lumbar region of their spine (lower back) are offered “conservative” treatment, meaning that the treatment does not involve surgery. This mainly involves Chiropractic Adjustment, exercise, relaxation and positioning, anesthetics, and manual and physical therapy. Some slipped discs don’t cause any symptoms, whereas others lead to severe back … Continue reading Conservative Treatment for Slip Disc

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