How chiropractic care can help patients with Anxiety, Stressed & Mental health disorders

What is stress?             

In engineering term used to describe physical forces on mechanical objects, stress in the body is described as a physical and emotional reaction to the world around us. Stressors can be obvious – like a loud jackhammer or a physically demanding job – or more subtle – like anxiety formed from years of worrying about a sick parent.

Our bodies learn to cope with stress in different ways over time, and these coping mechanisms can create new, and sometimes worse, stresses. Chiropractic care can help interrupt this cycle and restore your mind, body and spirit to a more balanced place.

Patients subjected to chronic stress – continued stress over a long period of time – were found to have higher rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, damage to immune response, damage to muscle tissues, and slower healing from injury. Stress has also been directly linked in both humans and animals to cardiovascular disease.

Chiropractic care for stress

The most prominent symptom of chronic stress is prolonged muscle tension and contraction. Chiropractors can directly address this issue, as they work primarily with the spine, which is the root of the nervous system and the path through which nerve impulses travel from the brain to the rest of the body controlling all of your bodies functions. Chiropractic care can relieve the uneven pressures that result from prolonged muscle tension and contraction (stress), re-align your spine, and help relax your entire body, promoting better health.

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