Chiropractor Treatment in Pain

Chiropractor Treatment in Pain

Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Pain Management Clinic, Ghaziabad.

Pain is something we’ve all experienced at one moment or another. Whether you stub your toe, burn your tongue, sprain an ankle, or live with arthritis, pain is a part of being human. Acute pain (sudden and short term) is the body’s alarming system, telling you the coffee is too hot, or the knife is too sharp. But when pain becomes chronic—typically lasting longer than 3 months, the warning signal malfunctions and can become the primary problem.


Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care. And the pain itself isn’t the only problem. Chronic pain is linked to anxiety, depression, a reduced quality of life and an increased risk of opioid addiction in the other mental stresses that can lead to insomnia and chronic fatigue.

Types of Pain

“Pain and our experience of pain are two different things,” explains by Dr ravinder Kumar, DO…

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