Chiropracor Treatment For TMJ

How is TMD Pain Treated?

For some people, TMD symptoms may disappear after some time without any treatment. In some cases, though, treatment is paramount.

When you visit our office in Cumming, a qualified chiropractor will discuss your symptoms with you. They’ll then examine your jaw to find where the problem is originating. The examination may involve listening or feeling your jaw as you open or close it.

They’ll also check whether your jaw has a normal range of motion. The TMJ specialist may also apply a bit of pressure on your jaw and surrounding areas. That helps them identify the pain points so they can recommend the appropriate treatment.

Our experts attempt to treat TMD through jaw adjustments or manipulation. The whole idea is to try and resolve the jaw’s structural issues. They’ll also guide you regarding the stretches you should practice to reduce pain in the affected areas. In case of excessive pain, our chiropractic care providers may use heat or ice to relieve it. We don’t hesitate (where necessary) to consult other specialists so you can receive the highest quality care possible.

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